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Mike Carter (left) and Matt Smith slammed SHAZAM and took home nearly $90,000 on the hot music television show hosted by Jamie Foxx.

We are all shower singers. We are music connoisseurs to the nth degree.

In private.

We know the words and titles. But, local guys played the game on national television and killed it. They knew the songs and titles and had fun in the process in front of a national audience on this cool music show.

Last week, Matt Smith (mixologist extraordinaire) and buddy Mike Carter slammed it on Fox’s BEAT SHAZAM; real time, national.

It’s an interactive game show that pits teams of two against the clock, and each other, as they attempt to identify the biggest hit songs of all time. It’s a millennial hit and older folks enjoy it as well.

The two did it in Los Angeles. No joke. In the end, the team with the most money banked outlast the competition and go against Shazam, the world’s most popular song identification app. They had a chance to win $1 million.

This local duo sort of missed the million, but got some big bucks with their expertise on music.

And, we have to add the hosts of SHAZAM are Academy award winning artist and musician Jamie Foxx and his talented (and beautiful) daughter Corinne.

It’s about the bro-love.

“Mike and I have been working together now for the past three years,” said Matt. “We both recognized each other’s appreciation of music, right off the bat. Neither one of us know how to pass up a karaoke mic, either. As far as the show, he and I are both fans. We're both competitive and love music. Beat Shazam was right up our alley. Mike made the initial steps with interviews and auditions over a year ago. He asked me if I'd want to join him last year. Everything just fell into place after that.”

Matt said meeting Jamie and Corinne was “awesome”

“Being fans of the show, I really enjoy the element of fun they bring to the show,” Matt said.  “Plus, with Jamie's career, I've been a fan of that guy ever since I saw him on In Living Color. He's talented and funny, for sure!”

And, no, this Nashville guy wasn’t really star struck in this whole experience.

“Living and working in Nashville, I see ‘celebrities’ all the time. While they're well known, they're just like everybody else,” he noted.

Well, they made it to the final round of the popular hit show and earned the chance to play for the million-dollar prize,

“Yep, we were stumped,” said Matt. “Looking back at it, we still would have gone for it. The upside was too big not to. Also, when in the world will we ever get a chance to do something like that again?!?”

It isn’t over.

They won $87,000! And, will split that.

“As far as plans for my winnings, I don't have any,” Matt said with a smile. “I've got two boys with collegiate goals and most will go toward that.”

Sum it up?

Matt’s genre of choice is the 90s for sure. He’s a big fan of country, rock R&B, Hip-Hop.

And what stumped these two music guys, on the million-dollar song?

It was “Love Child” by the Supremes, released in 1968.

Who knew?

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