William Shakespeare’s comedy, “Much Ado About Nothing,” hits the stage Nov. 2 and 3 in Mt. Juliet Christian Academy’s auditorium. 

The play tells the tale of Benedick and Beatrice and Claudio and Hero, both couples which find love, although through different and sometimes messy ways.

The lead actors are Anna Wise, Jacob Robertson, Brooke Harman and Christian Link.  Wise and Robertson are seniors and said they are happy to play these famous roles.

“I wanted to play Beatrice because she is witty and clever,” Wise said. “Her presence carries a lot of power and she commands attention. I like how she commands authority as soon as she walks into a room. I like her sassy, witty comments. I don't like how she picks fights with everyone and how she has no filter.”

Robertson said, “Benedick is a very fun yet diverse role. It allowed me to express multiple feelings and emotions. Benedick is a lot like me because he is very humorous and sarcastic. I like that he is witty and is always throwing his personality at people. It's a fun role to take on. I bring my humor, sarcasm, and wit to the role. I also bring the ability to change emotions efficiently.”

Wise said she started in theatre in elementary school. She was in several Christmas plays at her church. 

Robertson is new to the stage, having started last year. So far, he has been in “Guys and Dolls” at MJCA and “Newsies.” He said he would “like to golf professionally but acting would be a dream of mine.”

Also important to the show is stage manager Annabelle Ritchey.

“A stage manager is in a way like the assistant to the director,” she said. “We help coach actors with their acting, gathering the props, and taking care of all the backstage happenings. As a stage manager you have to be extremely organized. … It can definitely be stressful especially during tech week, but overall it is a ton of fun.”

While being a stage manager is a big responsibility, Ritchey said she enjoys the work. 

“I wanted to be stage manager because I have always loved going to plays and musicals and the behind-the-scenes work really intrigued me,” she said. “The best part of stage management is watching the show progress and seeing how the actors develop throughout the entire rehearsal process.”



Where: Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, 735 N. Mt. Juliet Rd., Mt. Juliet

When: Nov. 2 (7 p.m.); Nov. 3 (2 p.m.)

Tickets: $10 for adults; $7 for students. Can be purchased at the door

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