The new Green Hill High School (GHHS) is buzzing along and the landscape is changing by the day on North Greenhill Road for this new school set to accommodate the exploding population of students in West Wilson county.

It will relieve overpopulation at the original Mt. Juliet High School, that is busting at the seams.

Already known are the mascot (Hawks) and school colors (green and white).

Nearly a year ago, the Wilson County School system broke ground on about 60 acres that fronts North Greenhill, Benton Douglas and Lebanon roads. Katz, Binkley, Jones and Morris Architects, Civil Site Design Group and Robert S. Biscan Construction Company have all done work on the project.

The school is slated to open in August 2020 with a price tag of $107 million. Going vertical are three stories and about 415,510 square feet.

“We’ve been hit with a tremendous rainy season since we started this project,” said Wilson Schools Deputy Director Mickey Hall. But, he added that he expects to hit the opening mark.

The school has a core capacity of 2,000 and, when open, there will be one principal and five assistant principals as enrollment grows. The new zones are published on the Wilson County Schools website, but generally, parents will receive a letter from the attendance staff informing them about the changes in advance of the opening of GHHS.

Hall said the GHHS zone is anyone with an address north of Old Lebanon Dirt Road from the Davidson County line to the intersection of North Mt. Juliet Road and east of North Mt. Juliet Road from the intersection of Old Lebanon Dirt Road north to the river.

The school will have the same type of gyms and greenhouses as Mt. Juliet and Lebanon high schools.

The school boasts 1,200 parking spaces and, because of staggered opening times, Hall said he believes traffic will move well once the school opens.

The flow around the building for parents and buses is very similar to MJHS with entrances off North Greenhill Road from the new intersection at Benton Douglas. 

Students can enter the student parking area off Lebanon Road. The new intersection at Benton Douglas is a major intersection development to help with traffic in and around the school.

Hall said the system will hire the principal, secretary, bookkeeper, registrar, at least one of the counselors and at least one of the assistant principals in January before the school opens in August.   

“These positions could be hired earlier depending on scheduling and planning for the new school,” Hall said. “These staff members would be responsible for working with other schools and district staff to ensure all high schools are appropriately staffed and students scheduled for the upcoming school year.”

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