Mother Nature took down two massive trees at Charlie Daniels Park last Thursday evening.

Park officials said no one was hurt when the storm felled an 80-foot hackberry and 60-foot cherry tree in the middle of the park around 6 p.m. that evening by winds as high as 50 miles per hour.

One storm unleased 4.5 inches of rain, according to News 2 meteorologist Davis Nolan who lives on the point on Saundersville Ferry Road and measured the rain.

According to City of Mt. Juliet Events Coordinator Jennifer Diekmann, both trees toppled in the park were relatively close to one another. The hackberry by the creek close to the Farmer’s Market station splayed across a paved walking trail. A bench was demolished by one of the trees.

“The pretty gazebo and the log cabin bathroom facilities were spared by the cherry tree,” Diekmann said.

Diekmann estimated the bill to remove the trees was about $4,000.

The city hired Branch Busters for the cleanup. The company took two days to saw the trees to manageable sizes and take away the wood. On Saturday, there were still large chunks of cut up limbs and trunks visible.

“The walking path is cleared and now we have yellow tape and orange cones to alert people of the damage zone,” Diekmann said.

The hackberry with deep roots exposed, was shoved back into place as best as possible.

“The tree people said that tree might survive and come back,” Diekmann said. “I know, doesn’t that sound unreal?”

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