Walk Across Wilson

Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto (left) and Wilson County Sheriff Robert Bryan walk the final steps of the 2020 Walk Across Wilson kickoff event at the Wilson County Courthouse last Saturday. XAVIER SMITH

Dozens of Wilson County leaders, participants and supporters gathered at the Wilson County Courthouse last Saturday to kick off the fourth annual Walk Across Wilson event. 

The annual event is designed to encourage fitness and healthy lifestyles as groups compete in different activities. The kickoff event featured dozens of Wilson County government and emergency service leaders who marched in two groups from opposite ends of the county to start the annual event.

The Wilson County Health Council organizes the event. It will continue with participants walking on their own until the event ends March 21 at the Wilson County Schools Central Office. 

“Each student that participates (at the finale) will get $5 for their school and a T-shirt. Parents can buy a shirt for $10 with $5 of that going back to the schools, so you can see this can be a great fundraiser,” said Ray Render, the deputy director for Rep. John Rose’s staff and a volunteer member of the Wilson County Health Council. 

For information call Morgan Ziacita at (615) 444-5325.

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