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Swai Bowen (left) and Raeann Green portray two military characters in ‘Ordinary Heroes’ at Watertown High School. SUBMITTED

Watertown High School’s theatre troop will present “Ordinary Heroes,” this month in the school’s auditorium.

“’Ordinary Heroes’ is a play built entirely by high school students for high school students telling true personal stories ‘by’ and about real people who are combat veterans from World War II to Afghanistan,” director and theatre teacher Edie Pope said. 

She added that, “(the show) will inspire heart-warming feelings of gratitude and patriotism.  It is a sweet, sweet show written by a friend of mine and his high school theatre class a few years ago. 

“We can use (the play) to accommodate the needs of our new little (theatre) department and fulfill a valuable sentiment in our community. Our theatre department will remind our community that we are part of them, and our teenagers are involved and supporting them, just as they are supporting us.”

Pope said there are about 30 cast members, including “heroes portrayed by Tyler Pedigo, Bryar Hight, Michael Howell, Kaci Bennett, Mandy Jones and Angelina Westbrook, among others.”

The crew member part of the department is new, Pope said. “Several elements are being handled with some advice, while others require me to take a more active role until we get a few more things under our belts.”

Pope is a new teacher within Wilson County Schools. Her background includes musical theatre and choral music. 

“(I have a) great enthusiasm for building a brand-new program at Watertown High School.  This show is not the first play at WHS, but I believe it may be the first to hold open auditions, utilize a commissioned script, add considerable music to a non-musical, and seek to organize an offstage theatre.”

Two of the show’s cast members, junior Raean Green and senior Swai Bowen, said they are excited to be a part of this production.

“I come from a military family and I have younger brothers who have weighed the option of going into the military,” Green said. “I am the oldest and can relate to my character and her feelings of responsibility for the brothers she loves and cares for.”

Green and Bowen previously worked in costume, makeup and set design, Pope said. 

Green said that she hopes that the audience will see that ordinary heroes are just everyday people.

“There’s so much hope behind the scenes,” Green said. “This show brings to light what really goes on in a soldier’s mind before and after war. If we do a really good job, it will show the trauma and hardship and at the same time, the really good things that happen to people.”

Bowen, who wants to be a high school theatre teacher when she gets older, said that she hopes “the audience feels very proud and patriotic.”



When: Nov 16 (7 p.m.), Nov. 17 (2 p.m.), Nov. 18 (7 p.m.)

Where: Watertown High School auditorium, 515 W. Main St., Watertown

Tickets: $5 (general admission) can be purchased at www.wcschools.com/whs and at the door

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