Alexis Hoffman

On the surface, Alexis Hoffman, a 2021 graduate of Watertown High School, ready to take on the world. However, underneath Hoffman’s youth, is a woman who has already overcome more than many will face in a lifetime.

Hoffman was born prematurely, said her mom, Jennie Walpole. Hoffman explained that she was on a ventilator for eight weeks post-birth, which resulted in a paralyzed vocal cord.

“My vocal cord grew around the tube,” she said. “I found out at 14 that they had the ability to correct the damage, but had to wait three years until I quit growing to have the procedure. In January, I had a temporary injection into my vocal cord that gave me and the doctors the ability to see how much of my voice they could restore and if I would like the change.”

Hoffman added that she has the option to have a vocal cord implant and plans to do that over the summer.

She said that although her childhood was full of doctor appointments, therapy and “things I couldn’t do because I was so much smaller than others” she learned to not let challenges hold her back.

“Work hard for what you want and you can accomplish it,” Hoffman added.

Hoffman graduated from Watertown High on May 27. She admitted that she will miss her agricultural classes and teachers — Elizabeth Hughes, Seth Granstaff and Jason Bradshaw.

Hoffman was a member of FFA and works at Moses Animal Clinic. Her plans include going to Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro and studying animal science and agriculture.

After that, she plans to become an ag teacher but is also interested in dairy farming.

She named her mother as a woman she admires.

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