Banker Kristen Scott has been at Pinnacle Financial Partners for 14 years. The Wilson County native said the most rewarding part of her job is helping clients meet their financial goals.

Scott is a mom of two: Abrye, 11, and Connor, 6.

“I love spending time with my children, traveling and going on special adventures,” she shared. “We’ve been to the Florida Keys and Disney in the last year. We love going to the lake in the summertime, fishing and swimming. Friday night movie nights are our favorite.”

Other hobbies include reading devotional books, cooking and spending time with friends.

Scott has been a member of The Journey Church since 2007.

“I am actively involved with my church, and we have one of the greatest children’s ministries in Wilson County,” she said.

Scott named several women who have influenced her life, starting with her sister, Amy Sempsrott.

“She is my rock. She is always there for me no matter what,” Scott explained. Next, Scott credited her mother and two grandmothers, Sonia Steele, Mary Jo Howell and Carolyn Tarpley, with teaching her life lessons.

“They have taught me so much … from cooking, respecting others, patience, worth ethic, strength, and most importantly my faith in knowing Jesus and trusting Him,” she said.

Last, but not least, Scott said she admires the ladies she works with at Pinnacle and her friends.

“I have a large group of women I grew up with that I still talk to every single day. It is a rare friendship you don’t see often. My children think we are all related and don’t know any different,” she said. “Typically, if you see one of us — you’ll see us all.”

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