Dalila Cantrell is a team member at Beauty Boutique Salon & Spa in Lebanon where she gets to be a part of her client’s biggest moments.

Cantrell is a graduate of Lebanon High School.

She has worked in the beauty industry since 2014. “Although I have always been more artistically inclined, I never really thought this is what my career would be. I felt pressure to pursue a more corporate route, and honestly I knew deep down that just wasn’t for me. Against popular opinion, I took a chance attending a trade school and struck gold,” Cantrell explained.

She joined the BB team in April 2018.

“When taking a short break from the beauty industry back in 2017, I referred all my clients to BB. I had no doubt that they would be taken care of in the best way,” she said. “At that time I had no idea that just a year later I would be joining the BB team as well.”

Cantrell provides a full menu of services; however, insists cuts and color are an avenue for a greater calling.

“I think the most important are the ones not listed on there - someone to listen, confidante, giver of advice, booster of self-esteem, provider of a warm and welcoming place to relax,” Cantrell added.

She said the best part of her job is that it doesn’t feel like a job at all.

“I’ve always heard, ‘Do something you are passionate about and you’ll never work a day in your life,’ and I must say, that is so true,” she said.

“I get to share so many special moments with clients that quickly become friends, from weddings to proms and pageants to their child’s first hair cut - I get to be there through it all.”

When she isn’t at work, Cantrell enjoys being outside with her 11-month-old Australian Shepherd, Neyland.

“He and I both enjoy hikes and splashing around at the lake,” she said. “I try to spend as much time possible being the ‘cool aunt’ to the most handsome 2-year-old ever, my nephew, Sterling.”

Cantrell was not short on women she admires thanks to her colleagues and clients.

“Being a part of this predominately female based industry, I have been presented with a plethora of opportunities to meet women from all walks of life,” she said. “I feel so honored that these women not only trust me with their hair, but also feel comfortable enough to open their lives to me.”

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