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Elizabeth Howe is a senior account executive at Varallo Public Relations in Nashville with a knack for sharing stories.

“When a client accomplishes something amazing or has a heartwarming story to tell and we are able to put all the pieces together to share it with the community, it is a great feeling,” the Lebanon resident explained. “There are so many people doing great work across Middle Tennessee.”

Howe grew up in Hanover, Pa., which she shared is the “snack capital” of the world.

She attended Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania before transferring to Middle Tennessee State University to study mass communications with a concentration in recording industry management. 

“I have always loved music and I started doing online promotion with websites and email newsletters for a couple of Nashville-based bands. This was back in the dark ages before anyone really knew what the internet would become or how integral it would be to one’s musical career. Needless to say, being in a small town in Pennsylvania had limitations, and I had some friends who encouraged me to make the move to Nashville where I could be more involved in the day-to-day music business,” Howe recalled. “My compromise to my parents was staying in college when I moved and luckily, MTSU had the perfect program to allow me to do that.”

Howe enjoys horseback riding, concerts, hiking, photography and music. Animals are close to her heart. She serves as executive director of Safe Harbor Sanctuary, a volunteer-run equine rescue based in Sumner County.

“We work with local law enforcement on rehabilitating, retraining and rehoming neglected animals —and we work with racehorse owners on rehabilitating, retraining, and finding new homes for horses that are ready to retire from the track,” she said. “Our mission also includes educating current and future horse owners through clinics and outreach, as well as providing time on the farm to scouting groups, foster children, and others who benefit from time with the horses”

Howe named her two grandmothers, Virginia Elizabeth Sweigart and Ruth Elizabeth Howe, as women she admires.

Sweigart served in the Army Nurse Corps in World War II. She also raised four children as a widow, volunteered and played piano in her church. Howe noted her “kindness and quiet strength” that inspired all of her grandchildren.

Her grandmother Howe had two sons in her late 30s. She was known for volunteering with the local hospital auxiliary and other organizations.

“She loved gardening, the outdoors and her family, and she was one of single most driving factors in supporting my love of horses and my desire to leave home and try something different,” Howe said. “I am proud to have been named after both of these amazing women.”

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