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Kalyn Dennis of Lebanon serves as a business development officer at Wilson Bank & Trust. She is a graduate of Friendship Christian High School and attended \the University of Mississippi. She’s been with WB&T since June 2019.

“I spent my career to this point working in downtown Nashville and gained a lot of incredible experience in various marketing and business development-focused roles,” she explained. “The rewarding part of working with Wilson Bank & Trust is the ability to take the experience I gained over the years and apply that to an organization that has played such a critical role in the growth of the communities that raised me. 

“Being able to have a role in fostering the continued growth of those communities and to now be raising my family here is very special to me.”

She and her husband, Caleb, have been married for eight years. They met at her sister’s wedding.

“He and my brother-in-law grew up together and have been close friends for the majority of their lives,” Dennis said. “We didn’t start dating at the time, but shortly after.”

Their family includes children: Brooklyn, 15; Elijah, 4; and Allie Rose, 1.

They are members of College Hills Church of Christ.

Dennis loves to travel. She called vacation a time to “completely step away from work” and spend quality time with her husband and kids.

“Our son, Elijah, is also very into hockey so we enjoy watching him develop that passion through hockey lessons and attending Nashville Predators games when we have the opportunity,” she said. “It's not a sport we had much interest in before but from a very young age, he really took a liking to the sport and it's all he seems to think about these days. Now we are definitely super fans”

Dennis named her grandmother, Carolyn Dudley, as a woman she greatly admires.

“I am fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of strong and inspirational women in my family and each of them play a uniquely different role in my life. If I had to single out one, I’d say my grandmother,” she said.

She called Dudley an incredible influence on her life.

“She has been a consistent presence at each stage of my life and is a true example of someone who has achieved success professionally but undoubtedly puts her family first in everything she does,” Dennis said. “There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t hope to be the role model to my children, and hopefully grandchildren, that she has been to our family.”

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