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Barbering is a family tradition for Kim Vastola. Her father was the longtime owner of Barrett’s Barber Shop in Watertown – a title Vastola has taken on.

“My dad was the town barber. When he saw I wasn’t happy going to college and not sure what direction I wanted to go, he insisted I’d enjoy barbering and should attend barber school,” she said. “The most rewarding part of my job is the relationships I form with each customer.”

Vastola knows a lot about her customers and enjoys catching up cut after cut — finding out “what sports their kids play, their last surgery, where they live or how big their garden is.”

“I love having a personal relationship with people — especially in our small town,” she added.

Vastola is marred to Gilliam Vastola of Lebanon.

“I met him one night while cruising the Main with friends. I told my mom that night when I got home that I’d met the guy I’d marry,” she shared. “I was right.”

They have two sons: Tyler, 19, who is a fireman for the Lebanon Fire Department, and Gage, 17, a senior at Watertown High School.

In her spare time, she loves being outdoors with her family. “We all enjoy bow-fishing together and getting out on the boat, just riding around. The kids wakeboard,” she said. “Camping and being out on the boat have been the best memories we could’ve ever made with our kids.”

She and Gilliam have been members of Hillcrest Baptist Church for 25 years — where they were both saved.

Vastola named her mother, Barbara Barrett, as a woman she admires. Barrett passed away five years ago.

“She was my rock. I remember she would always invite new tenants she rented to go to church, and she would pick up many of my unchurched friends and take them when we were kids. She had a refrigerator on her back porch just for the neighborhood kids to get drinks when it was hot outside cause they played in her backyard all the time,” Vastola recalled. “She’d cook Sunday dinners all my life for our family — just so we could have that time together. She also made me promise to continue this before she passed away.

“I have so many memories of her and could go on forever listing them, but the biggest impact she had on me was to have a personal relationship with Christ, teach my children to pray often as you can, and tell your family how much you love them daily.”

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