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Leola Boudreaux has been in residential lending since 1994. She currently works with Cardinal Financial in Mt. Juliet, which is also classified as a direct lender.

“I work with the Kristina Wiest Team,” Boudreaux explained. “I never would have thought that my transition would be as smooth as Kristina and her team, Amber Trobaugh and Mikeya Akins, have made each and every one of my clients a priority for residential financing.”

Boudreaux is able to lend in more than 30 states.  She is licensed in both her native California and Tennessee and has worked with some of the largest banks in residential lending, including Washington Mutual, Countrywide, Wells Fargo and Bank of America in her career.

“I cannot express the greatness I feel while working with an amazing team,” she said. 

Boudreaux moved from the West Coast to Tennessee in 2018 to be closer to her grandchildren, Shayla Trevillion and Lee McCowan.

“I have three children, John, Jane and Joshua — two of whom remain in California’s Silicon Valley,” she said.

Boudreaux attends Grace Methodist Church in Mt. Juliet. “When Pat and Joe Rice invited me to Grace Methodist, I never left,” she said. “I praise and worship with an amazing congregation. Pat and Joe also invited me to their homeless ministries where they do amazing work and have asked me to volunteer my time with full participation … I cannot thank them enough for welcoming me to Mt. Juliet.”

Her past philanthropy includes coaching an after-school community program called Girls on the Run for girls grades 3-6.

“I am proud to say that I made a very good choice to plant my seeds in a very fast-growing area which I am very comfortable with especially being raised in California Silicon Valley/Bay Area. I did not make a wrong decision moving to Tennessee, it has been nothing but kind to me,” she added.

The ladies she admires most are stay-at-home moms because “their work is never done, but so often overlooked.”

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