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Lora Perry is a massage therapist who loves helping others. She takes appointments at Fifty Shades of Dye in Lebanon, where she has worked for seven years.

Perry, originally from Bethpage, knew early in life that a career in massage therapy was her future. 

“I was close with my dad growing up, but lost him at too young of an age,” she said. “I started massaging my dad when I was a little girl and I loved the fact that we would always fall asleep. Although psychology was my first major and I did get an associate’s degree, I ended up going to school after for massage therapy so that I could get started on a career early on. I had prayed and asked God what I should do.”

She recalled seeing a commercial on TV which led her to enroll in the 11-month program. Perry said meeting people is one of the highlights of her job.

“I don’t tell people enough how much of a blessing it is to have really good clients in my life. I pray over my clients when I massage them for various reasons, because the power of prayer is wonderful and needed,” she said. “The biggest benefit is just making someone feel a lot better from the stress and repetition of things in life — whether it’s a job, family, and friends or working out.” 

Perry is mom to three girls: Serenity Faith Stickle, 14; Sydney Sierra-Hope Stickle, 13; and Sienna Faye Stickle, 11. 

“I tell my girls all the time that I wouldn’t know what to do without them in my life,” she said. “A lot of what I do is revolves around my girls in my life. The biggest blessing is just creating lots and lots of memories with them. I love to watch their face light up when they haven’t seen me, because it makes me feel that they really do love me and appreciate me.”

She likes to be with friends, go to the movies, shop, look at art and read Scripture. Recently, she has started attended Long Hollow Baptist Church in Gallatin.

Several women influenced Perry’s life, beginning with her mother.

“She had some trauma in her life that made her sick and my dad had to take care of us most of the time when she had bad days. She still did a great job as a mother and cooked some down home good southern food,” Perry said. “She always was quiet, kind, sweet and funny.”

Other special ladies are her Aunt Eura Lee and her best friend, Brandy.

Lee helped take care of Perry when she was growing up. Brandy has been Perry’s best friend since middle school. 

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