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Savannah Enoch is working on a master’s degree in occupational therapy at Tennessee Wesleyan University after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Tennessee Technological University last December.

“When I graduate, I want to work with special needs individuals,” she said. Aside from her academic work, she owns a videography company with her longtime boyfriend, Grant Partlow.

Growing Things Videography is contracted to video everything from weddings to births to small business ventures. 

Enoch also works with Empower Me Day Camp Center, a nonprofit for individuals with special needs and CHOICES as a caretaker.

“The best part of working with CHOICES and Empower Me Center is the purpose, fulfillment, and joy it brings me. Being around individuals who aren't afraid to be themselves and showcase the amazing abilities that God has given them is the most amazing thing I have ever experienced,” she said.

“I truly think I walk upon angels at Empower Me Center from the campers to even the employees. It’s my heaven on earth and the place where I feel God’s presence most,” she explained. 

She has two cats, Axel and Leroy, and a dog, Gucci.

She enjoys being with friends and family, scrapbooking, kayaking and fishing.

“And oddly enough — cooking and cleaning,” she said. “Most of all I enjoy doing things for other people and making them feel important.”

She often attends College Hills Church of Christ, but isn’t a member of just one church.

“Any room full of people who love Jesus is the kind of place I want to be in,” Enoch said.

Enoch listed her mom, Sonya Enoch, as the woman who has most influenced her life.

“She makes sure everything in my life is as perfect as it could possibly be and is always my number one cheerleader. She's my best friend and my rock,” she said.

Enoch next named her sister, Dakota, as her “safe place.”

“She is strong when I am weak and she lifts me up anytime I am down. She just made me an aunt and she is the best mom to my niece, Oakley. I’ve always tried following her footsteps and I don’t see myself ever stopping,” Enoch said.

Finally, she admires her nana, Margaret Tanner, her boyfriend’s mother, Kathy Partlow and Empower Me founder Michelle Hill.

She said her nana taught her how to cook, go thrift shopping and be silly. She said Partlow is one of her best friends and welcomed her with open arms.

Enoch described Hill as “strong, hard-working, persistent and humble” and someone who “pours her heart and soul into the community and God’s children.”

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