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Tiffany Hardin is a newcomer to Lebanon. She’s lived in large cities, such as New York and Los Angeles, but has quickly made the South her home.

Hardin’s parents, who were married 38 years, built a home in Lebanon. Hardin explained that God whispered to her to “Go to Nashville,” which at that time she interpreted to mean visit Nashville and move to L.A. “I realize now, He meant stay,” she said. Hardin relocated to the area to be near her parents.

Her father served in the Army before working in corporate America and often referred to their family as a “unit.” Her mother, Genela Hardin, passed away in June at the age of 58. Hardin greatly admired her mom.

“She was the first entrepreneur I have ever known. She taught herself to be a software quality analyst engineer in the 80s. Her career flourished. I remember when I was younger, I asked her why we had to follow Dad’s job around, and she calmly replied, ‘Tiffany, I believe God has a vision for our family that He placed in your father’s heart. I do not follow blind men,’” she recalled. “She taught me what real partnership, love and commitment looks like … I watched my father, my sister and I come together to honor her and we continue to honor her with the continued joy in our hearts to be healed, whole and happy.”

Hardin started her own business in 2011. She was 27 at the time and working for an elite advertising agency in New York.

“I always knew what I wanted to do since I was 15 years old. I was inspired to work in creative industries, imaging myself after music moguls like Clive Davis and Babyface — marrying business and creativity,” she explained. Her company Gild Creative Group works with ambitious clients on brand, social and influencer marketing strategy.

Hardin loves singing, walking with her dad at Don Fox Park, watching movies, getting her nails done at Mysa Nails & Spa and eating at Sammy B’s.

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