Tiffany Carpenter Stott, originally from Ohio, has resided in Tennessee since 1997. She attended Lebanon High School and Middle Tennessee State University.

“My parents moved me here at age 14. I left during college, but came back to live close to my family,” she said. “Family is very important to me.”

Stott works as a registered nurse in the endoscopy department at Centennial Hospital. She said she enjoys having the ability to help others. 

“When people are in the hospital, they are scared, in pain, sick and dependent upon the staff for help,” she said. “There is nothing more rewarding than holding someone’s hand to ease their anxiety. I’m a very well-known ‘hand-holder’ in my department.”

Stott is mom to Morgan, age 7. She is a member of Maple Hill Church of Christ and enjoys reading, painting, pottery, movies and Zumba.

Stott described her mother, Debbie Carpenter, as a woman she truly admires.

“She has the ability to love anyone no matter what. She truly has a heart of gold. I have never met another person like her,” Stott explained. “She can see past any flaw a person has. She is just genuine.”

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