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Recent reports of motorists driving the wrong way on Belinda Parkway in the Providence area prompted that district’s city commissioner to request new signage to alert drivers that it is a divided four-lane road.

“There has been a problem with motorists going the wrong direction on Belinda Parkway,” District 4 City Commissioner Jennifer Milele told the Wilson Post.

She said most of the confused drivers were heading toward Providence.

“Specifically coming out of Sunnymeade and Legacy Park Road,” Milele said.

This past November, Milele made a request to the city to get new signage telling motorists that there are two lanes in each direction with a grass median separating each pair of lanes.

Just before Christmas, she said that Public Works Director Andy Barlow said the new signage would be erected in “a few days.” Milele said she hopes to see the signs in place by the end of this week.

“I think they will help a great deal, as long as motorists are paying attention to the signs,” she said.


Sidewalks update

Last November, Milele said the work on the driveways connected to the ongoing sidewalk project under construction needed “to be torn up and redone.”

The sidewalk project was in initial stages at the time and the problems were related to 10 driveways. The project started on the south side of Belinda Parkway at Providence Trail and will go east to 417 Belinda Parkway. A crosswalk to Mundy Park trail is also planned. 

Milele said a resident said the sidewalk did not reach the driveway’s height and his car was scraping when he tried to pull into the driveway. At that time, Milele said the subcontractor refused to pay for the costs to adjust the driveways.

Last weekend Milele confirmed the contractor did agree to fix the mistakes of the subcontractor at its expense. 

The sidewalks are scheduled to be completed by March 1.

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