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The Wilson County Commission will have its first official look at the Wilson County Schools proposed 2020-2021 school year budget during a joint meeting between the Wilson County budget and education committees.

The meeting will take place electronically Thursday at 6 p.m. 

Wilson County Mayor Randall Hutto said Wilson County Director of Schools Dr. Donna Wright and Deputy Director Mickey Hall will present the proposed budget to the committees as budget discussion.

The Wilson County Commission must vote to approve or deny the school district’s proposed budget during its own budget vote, which will come after a series of meetings to discuss the 2020-2021 fiscal year budget. 

County Mayor Randall Hutto said he hopes commissioners would be able to meet in-person during June to further discuss and vote on the budget. Budget meetings are set for June 1 and June 2 following Thursday’s meeting. A meeting is also set for June 4, if necessary. 

“We will have an opportunity then to go over those budgets,” Hutto said. “Then (Wilson County Finance Director Aaron Maynard) will have time to prepare the budget and have it out for his 10-day notice.”

The public hearing for the budget is set for June 15 at 6 p.m.

Hutto said department heads were asked to prepare proposed budgets based on 2 percent, 4 percent and 6 percent cuts to their budgets in response to unknown financial future due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Maynard said the only increase to the Wilson County budget currently planned is a salary increase for elected officials, which is mandated by law based on longevity. 

“We are going to have to be a little more nimble and a little more flexible than we have been in the past,” Maynard said during a recent Wilson County Budget Committee meeting. “When I say ‘nimble,’ I mean we’re going to have to be able to make moves as data becomes available.”

Commissioner Tommy Jones questioned Maynard about the possibility of approving a continuation budget until more information about finances related to the pandemic are available after Maynard noted the state comptroller’s office “strongly suggested” the county file a budget by June 30.

“The fact of the matter is the law has not changed. We still have the ability to do the continuation budget if that’s the will of the budget committee, and or the county commission,” Maynard said.

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