Wilson Central High School 2019 graduate Azel Eddings is well on his way to seeing his Hollywood dreams come true.

Known as BillSony in the industry, he moved to Los Angeles on May 31 and just 11 days later he was signed by commercial and print media agency Lemon Lime.

The first television show he was cast in was “Tell Me A Story”, which is a part of the CBS All-Access platform. He was an extra in three episodes of the show.

“(I auditioned because I) simply wanted to just get started in the acting part of the entertainment business,” he said. “As far as getting signed to (Lemon Lime), it still doesn’t seem real.”

He was also in a show called “Lemon Squeeze”, where he played the lead and also directed and produced the show. In addition, he was in a production called “Summer School”, directed by Seth Warren.

He was in only two productions in high school — “Mamma Mia,” where he was a lead and “Thoroughly Modern Millie”, where he was a supporting actor — because he joined the theater department his senior year.

“Everyone in the (WCHS) department immediately took me in and treated me like we were literally all family, and we really were,” he said. “Rehearsal would be so fun, not only but we would get stuff done as well. My schedule was a hard one with basketball because it was my main focus until the season ended. Regardless, every rehearsal was awesome, and I built some (great) friendships and bonds through it.”

He said he feels “blessed” to be taught by WCHS theater teacher Katharine Ray, even though he didn’t have any theater classes.

“Rehearsals are where I learned most from her,” he said. “But what I learned from her is really the basics of how to act, because this was my first time ever acting besides my (audio/visual) class. I definitely learned how to memorize lines, I learned how to build sets, all the different theater code words backstage, and plenty of just general life lessons.”

Ray had positive comments about Eddings as well.

“Azel is a special young man,” she said. “He came in to audition for and got to perform in ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ his senior year, with a small role in the ensemble. I don’t think he’d ever auditioned before. He was a star in the basketball team, (and) he was very timid and very quiet. But through that whole process from beginning to and you could see the young man that he was deep down inside.”

Eddings said his short-term goal is to continue auditioning. He wants to star in commercials in order to get a Screen Actors Guild card. That will allow him to audition for larger roles. He also wants to make a name for himself on social media platforms Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube. He has more than 80,000 followers combined on the three platforms.

Eddings said he is “continuing on my journey of being a ‘professional dream chaser.’ That’s what I like to call myself. I am continuing to work hard and be consistent and creative on every post on all my (social media) platforms of influence.  I save a percentage of time to meet and make connections, but also just to literally go around and just make random people smile. Smiles fuel me to keep going in life.”

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