Dog rescue

Skyler dropped into a sink hole and was wedged there for about 24 hours.

Skyler was lost in a hole, trapped overnight in the cold and it was a near miracle that his Mt. Juliet owners stumbled upon him a day and night later and rescued him.

Skyler is a beloved fur baby family member to the Luckett family, with golden locks and big brown eyes. He’s arthritic but still pushing on at age 15 years. 

The lab/collie mix got a little wayward recently. A possible push to chase a squirrel got him in a dicey situation that may have ended badly if not for a determined family and many strangers who saw Sheila Luckett’s social media plea saying her “little ‘ole man” was missing.

Somehow, the underground fence system failed and the 35-pound Skyler bolted from his home.

“We really don’t know what happened,” said Sheila, the City Recorder for Mt. Juliet. “He went missing. My husband Terry noticed he was gone and we did a social media alert that day.”

It got dark and nobody found Skyler. The family was devastated because it was the first cold night and Skyler has bad hips.

“Somebody in Twin Lakes saw him and fed and watered him,” Sheila said. “So, I was hopeful he was bolstered. Where ever he was.”

The next morning the family started driving around the neighborhood where Skylar was last seen.

“A lady said I should check out the ravines and woods in the area,” Sheila said. 

She parked and walked down the steep embankment.  Her friend Erika Scheer was with her in the search. Skyler is hard of hearing, so Sheila clapped and clapped and clapped. 

“I heard a muffled bark,” she said. 

There was a sinkhole, or maybe a groundhog hole, but it was small and encased in stone. She bent down and finally could see just a single paw. It was Skyler, wedged below, unable to escape. 

“I do feel it was a miracle that in all that area I came across him,” Sheila said. 

Sheila went headfirst into the hole with people holding her legs so she would not fall into it. A neighbor came with a shovel and sheriff’s deputies arrived.

Sheila’s son, TJ, arrived and they used the shovel to make the hole big enough to pull the dehydrated dog to safety with a strap provided by a neighbor.

“It was a group effort,” Sheila said. “We had so much support in the neighborhood.”

Skyler was about six feet below ground. It was just before dusk when he was rescued. 

“Skyler sort of just lay there for a while to gain strength,” Sheila said. “He was exhausted and we fed him more treats, like the ones we dropped to him when he was stuck.”

Skyler was covered in mud and had a badly scraped nose and his mouth was cut up.

“There were sharp rocks down there,” Sheila said.

Shelia said if Skyler wasn’t found that night, he may by not have survived because of the cold weather, his age and because the chances of someone stumbling upon the small hole were slim.

“I told Skyler that there are consequences to running off,” she said. “I told him never to do that again.”

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