Just because the physical school is closed, that’s not stopping Friendship Christian School’s staff and students from continuing to work throughout the extended schools closure.

“We plan on continuing with our regularly scheduled curriculum regardless of whether we’re doing so online or back at school,” FCS Vice President of Marketing and Communication Aaron Sain said. “For the time being, we are shifting our delivery method from face-to-face to what we’re calling At-Home Distance Learning.”

Every student of the Lebanon school has a device on which they can work, he said. 

“It’s proven that children are at their best when they have predictability and routine in their lives, so we will be following a slightly modified version of our regular schedule,” Sain said. “Most of our instruction will be synchronous learning, meaning teachers and students will meet virtually in real-time. Some of our younger grades’ teaching will be asynchronous, meaning they may complete the curriculum at their own pace.”

All of the FCS teachers will be utilizing the internet video communication platform Zoom so students and teachers can have interaction, much like they would in the physical classroom. 

“We will also continue with a virtual version of our Gatherings and chapel as well as Bible study and prayer each day. We are making every effort to be as ‘normal’ as possible during these unprecedented times,” Sain said.

The FCS administration, faculty and Information Technology department have been working hand-in-hand to “make sure our teachers have all the tools they need to keep our students engaged as they continue with the curriculum that we would offer face-to-face. We are blessed to live in a time where this is even possible,” Sain said, adding, “we have had trial runs on several apps to work out bugs, and teachers have connected virtually with their classes (and even parents) and discussed what will be involved in online learning. And others have just hung-out virtually and caught up after being on spring break for two weeks.”

Sain said that the suspension of all athletics, as well as the cancelation of field trips and out-of-town trips has been “disappointing” for the students-athletes, students, parents and coaches. He noted that, however, FCS will be offering many virtual field trips. 

“While it won’t be exactly the same as visiting in person, the upside is that the students can still experience it together, and they can go to places that wouldn’t be practical otherwise,” he said.

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