Derek Fry, a 17-year-old from Mt. Juliet, recently premiered his video version of the song, “Rotten of the Core” from the Disney movie “Descendants” with some familiar Wilson County scenery.

The founder of the video production company Fry’s Productions said he started working on the video in July when he cast the actors.

“I made the casting call with specific character descriptions and posted it in different casting Facebook groups,” he said. “The next thing I had to figure out was where could possibly we film this video. (Director of Photography) Chris Andrews suggested Fiddlers Grove Historic Village at the Wilson County Fairgrounds.’

After meeting with Gwen Scott from Fiddlers Grove and sharing his vision of the video, he was granted permission to use the historic property for the video shoot.

“Once I had an official location, I needed to start making set pieces, collect junk for the streets, and recruit more crew members,” he said.

Fry created a video of “All For One,” from the Disney movie, “High School Musical 2.” He said he wasn’t planning on “doing another Disney video, but after hearing about (the death of young actor) Cameron Boyce I felt like it was going to be the right thing to do. The video starts off with Zachary Dame (who plays Carlos) dedicating the video to Cameron Boyce. 

Fry said that months ago he hired Andrews, who “happened to find my actor’s page on Facebook and asked if I could possibly help him with a video. Since then, Fry’s Productions became partners with his company Bodhi Multimedia.

Instead of using traditional video production equipment Fry’s crew used digital cameras and a digital slate on an iPad. Drone pilot Andy Johnson also filmed with his camera.

It makes it much easier to work with,” Fry said. “The new technology in the film industry allows us to have less crew members, a longer battery life and more. Seeing the takes live on set, you can determine if the camera shots were acceptable rather than finding out later (with film). This prevents us from having to schedule another shoot day if something didn’t look the way we wanted.”

The video, which premiered on YouTube earlier this month, stars actors Zachary Dame as Carlos, Callie Carrol as Evie, Cameryn Williams as Cal, Jonathan Hazen as Jay, Alyssa Dietz as Maleficent, John Nagy as Jafar, Adrianna Tarpey as the Little Girl in the Wagon and Donna Dame as the Mother of the little girls. 

Extras were Zakiyah Lamb, Brian Carroll, Jacob Dever, Kayle Page, Lady Truth, Sharon Horton-Jenkins, Zachary Kinkle, and Allyson Hazen.

Other crew members include prop masters Nagy, Janette Fry and Derek Fry; choreographer Elexia Coleman; craft services (food) coordinators Derek Andrews, Janette Fry, Kerri Fry and Vinnie Fry; and set designers Derek Fry, Nagy and Kayla Fry.

Dame a homeschooled eighth-grader, said “about three or four years ago, I went to a public theatre to do a show and I fell in love with it. I’ve just been doing it ever since, but since I want to not only do it as a hobby, but as a career, I wanted to get into building my resume and being able to do filming stuff. (The video work) is really good for that.”

He said he has taken dance, which makes him what is known as a “triple threat,” a person who can act, sing and dance. That is what is needed now to becoming a successful performer, according to Angie Dee with Audience of One Productions, which produces a number of musicals at the Capitol Theatre in Lebanon.

Dame said the video will “work out really well (for his video resume) and it sounded really fun. Derek is a (young) director and I know about two people that also do that, so I know that they are always really good, so I thought it would be good to build a relationship.”

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