Water wheelchairs

The group that worked to provide the Jimmy Floyd Family Center with two aquatic wheelchairs (left to right): City of Lebanon grant writer Anthony Tate, Lebanon Mayor Bernie Ash, Permobil’s Ashley Davis, Permobil’s Kathy Edson, Jimmy Floyd Family Center aquatics manager Alex Major and Jimmy Floyd Family Center director Tim Hill. DALLUS WHITFIELD

Lebanon-based Permobil recently stepped up to help a broken situation as it donated two aquatic wheelchairs to the Jimmy Floyd Family Center.

“It rose out of a need,” Jimmy Floyd aquatics manager Alex Major said. “We had two chairs but different parts broke on both of them nearly at the same time, so we reached out to Permobil and we all made it happen.”

Permobil, which has been in business for more than 40 years, makes custom wheelchairs and seating systems. 

“They don’t make aquatic wheelchairs, at least not yet, but through their grant program, they hooked up with (City of Lebanon grant writer Anthony Tate). I helped him write the grant, and Permobil accepted our grant application and provided us with two aquatic wheelchairs,” Major said.

Major said people who would use the chairs include senior citizens with physical disabilities, Special Olympic athletes and water therapy patients. 

“We were happy to partner with them and hope to partner with them in the future on some stuff,” Major said.

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