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Friendship Christian School’s new phone app provides information about the school’s teams and clubs, lunch menu and a calendar.

In just a little more than month since Friendship Christian School released its phone app, many parents, students and members of the community have downloaded it to keep informed about what is happening at the school.

“We live in a world where people want information on demand and mobile phones have become the go-to source for it, because our phones are almost always within reach,” FCS Vice President of Marketing and Communication Aaron Sain said. 

“An app was the next obvious step in providing on-demand information to our students, parents, and even community members. We consider the app to be primarily a one-way communication tool for all things FCS.”

The school outsourced creating the app to a company which “has perfected the school app process at the university level (such as the University of Kentucky and the University of Michigan) and are now expanding into the (kindergarten to 12th grade) market,” Sain added.

Sain said the response has been “great. Our biggest hurdle is helping people understand how it’s different from the way they’ve been getting information and why they should download it. Once they see all it offers, they’re in.”

Sain said the school does not have an exact number of downloads, but that school leaders believe “a large number of our parents have downloaded it based on the comments we’ve received. Word of mouth is powerful.”

In the app, which is different from the school’s website, users can view specific calendars by sports, and clubs. If someone wants to see only the high school volleyball schedule, one click adds that to their preferences.

Sain said that there are “convenient links to handbook, forms, sites and more. (There is) no more searching for links or paper forms.” 

Team rosters can also be found, and users can soon receive notifications for clubs and teams they follow. 

“This feature will be a great way for teachers and coaches to notify participants of particulars, schedule changes and more,” he said, adding that people can email teachers with one click and access the lunch menu. “We will be expanding its capabilities over time to include even more features.”

In addition, the app will “become one the tools we use for emergency push notifications (such as) school closings, inclement weather, and more,” Sain said.

The app is available on IOS and Android, and can be found by searching for “Friendship Christian School.”

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