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Girl Scout Harper Gallas hands Lance Patterson some cookies at the Southside Elementary’s Troop 1117 booth at Kroger last Saturday for the annual cookie sale. Kerrington Berry watches the transaction at left, while fellow scouts Londen Bridgers and Kendra Pirtchard debate cookies while sampling some product at right. DALLUS WHITFIELD

If you did not pre-order a box of flavorful treats from your neighborhood Girl Scout and believe you have missed out, that doesn’t have to be the way the cookie crumbles — yet.

Wilson County’s Girl Scout troops are working to make sure you can’t walk into a big-box retailer without knowing that their famous cookies are available for sale. Booth sales began last week and run through March 1, Girl Scout regional executive director Dawn Rhodes said.

Now is the best time to buy the cookies — prices will increase next year, Rhodes said. Cookies next year will increase from $3.50 per box to $4 per box; gluten-free boxes will increase from $5 to $5.50. It has been at least a decade since a price increase, and the Girl Scouts are not making much money what with the increased cost of ingredients, Rhodes said.

The famous cookie sale is the organization’s major annual fundraiser, Rhodes said. It’s also a fundraiser for the local girls, who receive 55 cents per box. Some girls set those funds aside for Scout trips and activities. For every $1 spent on cookies, 92 cents go back to the organization, she said.

If you don’t have exact change, you may able to snag several boxes of cookies by using your debit or credit card, Rhodes said. The decision to allow the use of a card is up to each individual girl, who is running her own individual business; those who allow card use normally require the purchase of a minimum number of boxes so the transaction makes some money due to card processing fees.

The Middle Tennessee region will distribute 1.9 million packages of cookies this season, said Sarah Elmore, communications manager for the Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee.

Samoas are a big seller, but based on reports from other districts, the new cookie, Lemon-Ups, are expected to begin to eclipse those as well as perennial favorite Thin Mints, Rhodes said.


Booths for Girl Scout cookie sales will be set up throughout the county until March 1. Go to to search for a location.

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