Highway 109 construction  1  (2)

Construction on Highway 109 to add three more lanes is now expected to be completed at the end of next year. DALLUS WHITFIELD

Construction on State Route 109 is expected to take about a year longer than initially expected as Tennessee Department of Transportation officials anticipate construction will continue through late 2021.

Kathryn Schulte, TDOT Community Relations Officer, said in March the department faced delays in the project due to utility delays and would not meet the initial November 2020 contract completion date. She recently noted the department estimates construction would continue through “late 2021.”

“TDOT and the contractor are still negotiating a new contract completion date,” Schulte said. “Late 2021 is what TDOT is currently estimating, but it does not reflect the new contract completion date.”

Schulte said the department would provide a new construction schedule once an agreement has been reached regarding the time extension.

A traffic shift began this month from Spencer Creek Road to Burton Road to begin Phase 2 work for the bridge over Spencer Creek. Work will continue from Northern Road to Old Laguardo and from Creighton to Bloodworth in the northern portion of the project.

The $51 million project will take the heavily used roadway from two to five lanes, including a turning lane, from Highway 70 to the Sumner County line. The department estimates by 2038 nearly 45,000 vehicles would travel along the roadway per day.

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