After a seven months of renovation, the new Goo Goo Chocolate Co. opened at 116 Third Ave. S. in downtown Nashville last week.

The space, which features chocolate drop lights, a conveyor belt carrying baskets of Goo Goo Clusters and a Design Your Own Confection station, is the flagship store for the company.

The Goo Goo Cluster, invented at the Standard Candy Co. in Nashville in 1912, was America’s first combination candy bar. Laurie Spradley, vice president of operations, said her family has owned the company for three generations. Her grandfather bought it in 1982.

The Nashville legacy of the candy is woven into the store with a wall of Goo Goo trivia asking questions like “What is special about the Goo Goo Clusters at the Tennessee State Fair?”

(Answer: They are deep-fried.)

A classic Goo Goo Cluster features peanuts, marshmallow nougat and caramel all covered in milk chocolate.

At the new store, customers can design their own 4-ounce clusters covered in milk chocolate or white chocolate and filled with flavored nougats and an assortment of items from potato chips to fruity cereals.

The store will also offer bonbons and milkshakes based on the classic cluster flavors. The milkshakes can also be made with whiskey or rum.

In the back of the store is a 500-square-foot classroom space where the Goo Goo Chocolate Co. will offer classes that allow customers to make their own chocolates.

The head chocolatier is Mike Colón, who has been working with chocolate almost since he graduated from culinary school. He’s been working at Goo Goo Cluster since 2019.

Colón said he was most excited for the confection designing station.

“I feel like Nashville is lacking in downtown kid-friendly options so I’m really hoping that we can kind of become that space but also serve the adults and parents who are like, ‘I would like a whiskey milkshake,’ “ Spradley said.

Goo Goo Chocolate will be open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily.