The home of Joseph’s Storehouse has a new official name to honor its founders and serve as guiding light for future leaders, personnel and volunteers of the organization.

The Bob and Peggy Evans Distribution Center is the official name for the Joseph’s Storehouse center, located at 1960 SE Tater Peeler Rd in Lebanon.

Joseph’s Storehouse director Bennie Nolan said the renaming of the facility was a decision the Joseph’s Storehouse board of directors felt was needed in order to properly honor the Evans.

“We just want to take this time to show them the respect and honor that they’re due for what they’ve done in being obedient to what God called them to do,” Nolan said.

Bob, who died in 2018, and Peggy Evans founded Joseph’s Storehouse in 1999 and started feeding those in need with about $300 of their own money and 22 boxes of food.

“In doing so, they saw a vision for this work. They’ve been obedient to what they were called to do,” Nolan said.

The Evans grew the Joseph’s Storehouse operation to serving 400 to 500 families a month in Wilson County, primarily through its monthly food distribution that usually takes place on the last Saturday of each month.

“If there’s one thing I’ve always know from Ms. Peggy and Brother Bob, they’ve always looked at this work as their family. I’ve seen sacrifice for this baby. I’ve seen them give up their time. I’ve seen them give their efforts. I’ve seen them give it their money and resources when really, they could’ve used a lot of that time and effort for other things,” Nolan said.

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