Operation Blue Light  1

Reserve Officer Joey Fennell of the Lebanon Police Department unloads groceries as he makes a delivery on Moss Court recently as part of the department’s new delivery service to people who cannot leave their homes for coronavirus precautions. DALLUS WHITFIELD

The Lebanon Police Department has started a delivery service for food and medication to senior citizens who are unable to leave their home because of coronavirus concerns.

Operation Blue Light Delivery allows senior citizens, others in the high-risk group or people unable to leave their home to order items and have those items delivered by a Lebanon police officer. 

“We realize, in our community, there are the elderly and those who may have health issues and immune system issues who can’t or don’t need to take the risk going out and being exposed to whatever virus is out there,” Lebanon Police Sgt. PJ Hardy said. “Basically, we’re saying, ‘We’ll take that risk for you.’ ”

Hardy said residents must order and pay for the items before officers deliver them to a residence. 

“We’ll go to that vendor, pick up the item and deliver it to the residence. We’ll arrive, knock or ring the doorbell and step back to our vehicles and wait for them to answer the door and retrieve the item,” he said. 

To schedule a pick-up and delivery, call Kathy Collinsworth at (615) 257-6001, ext. 3015.

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