Lebanon police

Lebanon police continue to investigate two shootings that occurred in the northern portion of the city last Wednesday that left two people hospitalized.

The incident started with a drive-by shooting on East Forrest Avenue, according to Lebanon police incident reports. Officers reported several witnesses said a vehicle pulled up to the residence and started firing several shots at the crowd of people on the front porch, hitting only the house and a red Ford F-350 that was parked at the residence.

According to police, people got into the truck and chased the vehicle. The truck rear-ended a black car a short distance away and someone from the truck opened fire on the car with a handgun.

Lebanon police said they found the black, four-door vehicle with rear end damage still running after it appeared to go through the yard and hit the homeowner’s vehicle parked in the driveway. Police recovered a black AR-15 style weapon from the vehicle that was on the floor of the front passenger side.

Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital security alerted police the two men were dropped off by a blue pickup truck with an orange toolbox in the bed and then left in an unknown direction.

The two men sustained non-life-threatening injuries. One was shot in the wrist and one was shot in the upper thighs and stomach.

Police found the pickup truck in the neighborhood and spoke with the owner, who said two men had been shot and approached him and asked for a ride to the hospital. He escorted the men through his home and into his pickup truck to go to the hospital, according to the police incident report.

Police also stopped a silver vehicle near the Lyk-Nu Collision center following the incident and questioned two juveniles after the car was identified by witnesses as a possible suspect. Police said the two juveniles denied any knowledge about the shooting and left the area only after they heard people talking about them and became nervous.

They were released to their guardians after being questioned.

No suspects have been arrested or charged, but Lebanon Police spokesperson PJ Hardy said the investigation is ongoing.

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