Includes a 1,000 gallon tank --

Nimble, powerful and well worth the wait, the newest addition to the Lebanon Fire Department has arrived.

A little short of two years ago the Lebanon City Council approved the purchase of a 1,000-gallon pumper truck from the Sutphen Company in Columbus, OH.

Fresh off the line the brand new Engine No. 3 rolled into the its' temporary home on Coles Ferry Pike Wednesday night.

"It's a beauty," said LFD Chief Chris Dowell. "This pumper was a custom build," Dowell said. "With all of the new construction in town, apartments, skinny houses, town homes, we needed a vehicle that could get in and out of tight spaces.

"It handles a lot like a pickup truck, you can turn it around on a dime."

Coming equipped with several pre-connected hoses and a large capacity water tank, the pumper will allow firefighters to begin attacking a structure or automobile fire as soon as the wheels stop turning.

Chief Dowell estimated the new truck would be ready for service in a couple of weeks as compatible radio equipment needs to be installed along with LFD safety equipment.

Assistant Chief of Inspections Nick McCorkle indicated this new truck, as well as others in the LFD fleet, are often first on the scene of a 911 call and must carry basic life-saving equipment.

It also comes with "on the scene" LED lights that can be manipulated from inside the cab via remote control.

"Say there's a wreck on the interstate in the middle of the night," McCorkle said. "These lights are a huge help. It improves safety for not only us, but for everyone out there at the time."

Chief Dowell is thankful for the support of Mayor Bernie Ash and the City Council as some $574,000 was appropriated for the purchase back in October of 2018.

"These things aren't cheap," Dowell said. "But we expect to get around 20 years out of this one. The unit we'll take off the road is about 18 years old right now."

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