Bill Trivett


Bill Trivett, Mt. Juliet’s newest city commissioner, said he hopes to become an integral part of Mt. Juliet’s success in the next few years and possibly beyond.

“I think people need to know that I’m a family man. When I introduce myself, I usually somehow, some way, start to talk about my wife and kids,” said Trivett, who has been married to his wife, Michele, for more than 20 years. “For me, it’s my faith. I’m very patriotic and I feel like a blessed husband and father with what the good Lord blessed me with.”

The couple has three children who all attend Wilson County Schools.

The Mt. Juliet Commission appointed Trivett to fill the vacant District 2 seat created when former District 2 commissioner James Maness was elected mayor last year. Trivett said his journey to the commission seat intensified when he learned Maness planned to run for mayor.

“I talked to (Maness) and (City Manager) Kenny Martin about it, and kind of threw my name out there. I said, ‘Hey, if you guys think this is going to be something interesting, keep me posted,’ ” he said. “I was doing a good job from what I was told by my neighbors for the 653 homes that are in our community. They like what I’ve been implementing over the last four or five years with our homeowner’s association. I thought maybe I could do it on a bigger scale.”

Trivett has served as the Hickory Hills HOA president for the last three years and has served on the homeowners’ association board for more than five years after he was appointed to fill a vacant position.

Trivett said he envisions a lot of development in Mt. Juliet because of the Amazon facilities, continued construction of homes and a need to work with county officials to make sure schools are being supported in conjunction with that growth.

“I think we’re going to have to work together as a city and county to make sure we can support the growth from these big businesses that are coming in,” he said.

Trivett’s term will expire in 2022 when the next general election will be held, and he said he has not made a decision about running for the seat.

“If my district feels I’m doing a good job, then I will definitely put my name back in the hat,” he said. “Right now, my main focus is seeing what we can do to keep the ball rolling.”

Trivett’s district includes Mt. Juliet city property east of South Greenhill Road, including the Willoughby Station subdivision; west of the county line shared with Davidson County; south of Lebanon Road; and north of Chandler Road, including the Chandler Pointe subdivision.