Mt. Juliet resident Lisa Roberts and her friend Kevin Brawley have rewritten a legendary country song with new lyrics about potholes.

“Pothole Roads,” which uses the tune to the late John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads,” was written while Roberts was humming the tune one day in the shower. Intrigued by the song she has always loved, she started thinking about northeast Ohio, which is her home area.

“I started thinking about all the things unique (and funny) about home and the first thing that came to my mind was the (number) of potholes we have (in northeast Ohio),” Roberts, a Kent State University graduate, said. “I started singing ‘Pothole Roads’ instead of ‘Country Roads’ and I wrote the rest from there.”

Roberts then invited Brawley, who also grew up in northeast Ohio and is now an elementary school teacher in Charlotte, N.C., to collaborate on the song.

“Kevin and I are longtime friends, she said. “We went to high school together. He’s been in many bands and is an amazing musician and vocalist.  After I wrote the song, I knew he was the voice I wanted to be on it. He laid down the track and surprised me with his video footage.”

Roberts also appears in the video, “at the very beginning and shown in a few short clips throughout and I was the one at the end. (I’m) not a singer at all. Kevin’s wife, Jo Fox, was the girl in all the scenes with him and she did the harmonies.”

The video was released on Dec. 23 and has received nearly 1,400 views. According to a press release about the video, Brawley filmed some of the video in his school parking lot, using the speed bumps there to imitate the bouncing motion of driving over potholes.

Roberts works in the live concert field now but has also worked at a group of music labels in Nashville.

Roberts’ son Wyatt, a freshman at Green Hill High School, provided some of the video himself.

“Wyatt started his own YouTube channel at age seven,” she said. “He’s always loved creating and has a great eye for making funny and engaging videos. (Most of the videos were done) for his YouTube channel at this point.”

She said she asked Wyatt to film her parts of the “Pothole Roads” video, noting, “he did that and edited them into what Kevin put together on his end. Wyatt also did the credits. He’s very humble, but excited at how many views we have gotten. I have to remind him even though his face isn’t on this one, he did a lot of work to make it great. He continues to put out videos on his channel.”

Wyatt is taking Audio/Video 1 “as an exploratory class and plans to stick with it,” she said. “I think as things become more ‘normal’ at school when COVID is over he will be able to be more involved with film type groups.  As of now, he does plan to pursue a career in film production.”

At the end of the video, former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar is listed as providing “camera work.” She said that was “just a joke.”

Roberts said the video was “done (just) for fun. We wanted to bring some laughter to the end of 2020 especially for our friends in northeast Ohio. We are so surprised with the number of views and shares it has gotten. In the end, we all had fun in the production process and are happy to share some Northeast Ohio humor this holiday season. Humor can be just the thing people need in trying times.”

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