The Town Center Greenway in Mt. Juliet will be extended from North Mt. Juliet Road to the commuter train station platform and parking lots.

Last month the Regional Transportation Board (RTA) awarded an up-to-$2.1 million contract to Mutual Contractors to expand the station’s parking lots.

Part of that contract says “The project also extends the Mt. Juliet greenway path from Mt. Juliet Road to the platform, continuing to the southeastern parking lot.”

The trailheads are at Fourth Avenue (adjacent to a small bicycle park), South Greenhill Road and the train station parking lot.

RTA Public Information Officer Amanda Clelland said the greenway within the train station property is actually a multi-use path. It will serve as an extension of the Mt. Juliet greenway to the trailhead on the train station property. 

Clelland said this multi-use path will connect the sidewalk along North Mt. Juliet Road at the western edge of RTA property. It will go to the station platform along the northern edge of the property. At the eastern end of the station platform, the path will go along the northern edge and end at the eastern edge of RTA property. 

To access the train station path, pedestrians and cyclists can cross North Mt. Juliet Road at the traffic light at the intersection with Division Street.

“The Town Center Trail Greenway actually already crosses Mt. Juliet Road at Division Street,” Mt. Juliet Public Works Director Andy Barlow said. “This project will connect to the greenway in front of where the clock tower is currently going.”

There are wide sidewalks from Fourth Avenue to North Mt. Juliet Road that are considered part of the greenway.

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