Mt. Juliet is accepting bids to install and maintain an Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) camera program at approximately 37 locations in the city, but MJPD officials said it will not be used to catch speeding cars or motorists who run red lights.

ALPR systems read license plates to determine if a car is stolen if there’s other activity associated with that vehicle or driver. The system alerts officers if that plate is on a “hot list.”

MJPD Capt. Tyler Chandler said the ALPR program will not be used for anything related to traffic enforcement, just for vehicles or drivers that might have been involved in a homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, theft or drug charges.

The city approved $100,000 to support this program this fiscal year, Chandler said. A vendor will be selected Dec. 17. The department identified potential locations for the cameras so the vendor could estimate costs. 

“The department will only keep data for 30 days per internal policy, unless it is data associated with a criminal investigation,” Chandler said in a news release. 

State law says data captured by the ALPR program can only be kept 90 days.

“Ultimately, our department wants to protect our community from criminals who come into our city to victimize our residents and visitors,” MJPD Chief James Hambrick said. “Many of the criminals use stolen vehicles or vehicles that have been used in serious crimes as a mode of transportation to travel into our city. The ALPR program will alert us to their presence so they can be apprehended before victimizing someone in our community.

“We cannot nor do we have the desire to use the cameras for automated traffic enforcement to catch motorists running red lights or speeding.”


Proposed traffic light camera locations for Mt. Juliet. MJPD officials said the cameras will not be used for traffic enforcement (listed direction of camera if more than one direction):

  • Nonaville Road/Saundersville Road
  • North Green Hill at Green Hill High
  • North Green Hill/at Lebanon Road
  • Lebanon Road/Matterhorn (east and west)
  • West Division Street/County line (east and west)
  • Old Lebanon Dirt Road/County line (east and west
  • Old Lebanon Dirt Road/County line 
  • Central Pike /Chandler Road
  • Central Pike /John Hagar Road
  • Central Pike /Adams Lane
  • Central Pike /S. Mt. Juliet Road (south and east and north)
  • South Rutland Road/City Limits (South of Bair Farms Construction Entrance)
  • Central Pike/Walton’s Grove Subdivision
  • Posey Hill Road/Beckwith Road
  • Wilfong Parkway/Beckwith Road
  • Golden Bear/ Rutland Drive
  • East Division/Golden Bear (east and west)
  • I-40/North Mt. Juliet Road
  • South Mt. Juliet Road/Herschel Drive
  • Belinda Parkway/Providence Trail
  • North Mt. Juliet Road/Pleasant Grove Road
  • North Mt. Juliet Road/ West Division
  • North Mt. Juliet Road/East Division (east and south)
  • North Mt. Juliet Road/West Division
  • North Mt. Juliet Road/Lebanon Road (east, south and west)
  • Lebanon Road/Terrace Hill Road (east and west)
  • Charlie Daniels Park entrance

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