The founder of a new community drum line wants the program to expand while allowing children a new outlet to learn teamwork and togetherness. 

Demarcus Foster and his wife, Lataka, founded Scholars Drum Academy with the hopes of attracting children and young adults that are interested in music.

“He wanted to introduce something to the community that was for youth that didn’t do sports and may be into a different activity or outlook,” Lataka Foster said. 

Demarcus Foster, who said he participated in band and drum lines at Pearl Cohn High School in Nashville and Benjamin Banneker High School in Atlanta, wanted to use his passion and expertise in drum lines and bands to propel younger musicians to find and grow their skills. 

“The ultimate goal is a full community band with brass, woodwinds and everything else,” Lataka Foster said. “This gives children something different to do, along with introducing something new to the community.”

Demarcus Foster said he wanted to bring the program to the heart of the community and decided to hold sessions at the Wilson County Civic League on East Market Street. The free program currently has about 15 participants.

Diana Lawson said she heard about the program from other parents who have children in the program, and decided she would let her son, Derek, experience the program.

“I thought it would be good for Derek to learn the discipline and being with other kids having fun,” she said. 

She said her son has shown interest in soccer, but not any other sports. 

“He loves music so much that I always thought he would be interested in drums at some point. This is the perfect opportunity to try it and see if he likes it,” she said. 

Lataka Foster said the group would likely perform in the Lebanon Christmas Parade, at halftime at the Little Moore-Love Foundation Wilson County Alumni basketball game and possibly other events before entering competitions next spring and summer. 

The Fosters said the program needs more drums, drumsticks and drum straps.

Lataka Foster said the program operates under the acronym D.R.U.M.S. — Driven, Resilient, Unique, Motivated and Self-Respect.

“We hope they learn and adopt those qualities as we go through this process. Also, learn what a family is, and just like sports, you learn obedience, perseverance, hard work and the importance of academics. We just want to a positive outlet and a place to provide an extra bit of motivation and mentorship if we can,” she said.

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