Mt Juliet’s newest park featuring miles of walking trails and likely pavilions is scheduled to be completed this summer, Parks and Rec Director Rocky Lee said.

The city recently purchased 57 acres on Beckwith Road for $975,000.

“It’s forests and hills and open land; you can just go and go into the woods,” Lee said. “Think Radnor Lake, a picnic lunch, just being in nature,” Lee said.

Lee said Beazer Homes has pinpointed about 20 acres for homes on the property. He said the developer is planning a road from Curd Road to Beckwith Road and a parking lot.

The next meeting of the Parks and Greenway Board, which will determine the features and usages of the new park, is scheduled for Tuesday, March 2. Lee said the board will request input from residents on social media.

Plans are also underway for another park on West Division Street

City commissioners recently approved 8.64 acres for multipurpose sports fields adjacent to Victory Baptist Church and the new greenway.

Lee said the purchase price for the acreage was $430,000. The development cost is $200,000 for multi-purpose fields for soccer, football, kickball and infield baseball and softball.

He said that with good weather the eight ballfields will be available for use this spring. Lee confirmed that the site will include a 90-car parking lot, restrooms and a playground.

Additionally, Lee said there are some 20 acres near Grace United Methodist Church targeted for park land.

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