Lebanon schools

The Lebanon Planning Commission conditionally approved plans for a new Lebanon Special School District school on Hartmann Drive.

The planning staff highlighted several issues with site plans for the school, to be located at the corner of Coles Ferry Pike and Hartmann Drive, related to traffic, accessibility and safety. Because the Lebanon Special School District is its own entity not governed by the City of Lebanon, district leaders could opt to ignore certain issues.

The main entrance is set for Hartmann Drive, with a wraparound to reduce traffic on the roadway. Lebanon Planning Commission Director Paul Corder compared the pattern to Tuckers Crossroads School and suggested other access points to the school.

Lebanon Planning staff raised concerns about the lack of trees and shrubbery in the school’s parking lot, sidewalks along Hartmann Drive and Coles Ferry Pike, internal sidewalks and a secondary access point.

Lebanon Director of Schools Scott Benson said trees in the school’s parking lot would create blindspots for security cameras.

Kim Chamberlin, architect with Upland Design Group, noted the lack of access to the rear of the school via sidewalks and secondary access point would limit the general public’s access to the rear, maintaining safer monitoring of guests.

“The sidewalks that we’ve taken exception with lead from the front of the building to the rear of the building. We have no entrances back there for the public to access whatsoever,” Chamberlin said.

Benson said unlike Winfree Bryant Middle School, all parents and guardians would pick up students at the front of the school, with only buses and staff having access to the rear.

The commission approved the site plans with the inclusion of sidewalks around the school subject to a future traffic study, and yielded to designers on rear access and landscaping. 

The 119,000-square-foot school is set to include classroom space for 800 students, with the possibility of adding classrooms for an additional 200 students, if necessary.

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