A Lebanon man was found dead from what police are saying is a self-inflicted gunshot wound after he shot and killed his wife and mother-in law at their home in the Stonebridge subdivision.

Lebanon police officials said Shaun R. Varsos, 36, of Nashville, was found dead in a vehicle in west Nashville area around 9:30 a.m. Monday.

Varsos shot and killed his estranged wife, Marie Varsos, 31, of Nashville and her mother, Deborah Sisco, 60, of Lebanon, Monday around 7:30 a.m. at the mother’s residence in Stonebridge.

Marie Varsos was living with her mother at 1400 Whispering Oaks Dr. in the neighborhood.

Lebanon police reported that Shaun Varsos broke into that residence Monday morning armed with a shotgun.

“This is not a random, isolated situation,” said PJ Hardy, Lebanon public information officer, who said the incident stemmed from domestic issues.

Hardy said the department had not received information about prior domestic issues with the suspects and victims.

“As part of the investigative process, we’ve come across information that shows that they had been going through court battles and that sort of thing,” Hardy said. “There may have been an order of protection in the recent past, so it’s obviously a domestic situation that escalated.”

Shaun Varsos is believed to have been shot and injured during the incident prior to shooting and killing the two women, according to Hardy.

Hardy said the victims placed a call to 911 while the incident took place.

“One of the victims was able to fire back and struck with him with a weapon, and so he was injured prior to leaving the area,” Hardy said.

Shaun R. Varsos fled in a rented Nissan Pathfinder and was later found in West Nashville, near his residence, with what appears to be a self-inflicted fatal gunshot wound, the Lebanon police said.

Lebanon police officials alerted Metro Nashville police officers that Shaun Varsos was likely headed to the area following the shooting in Lebanon.

“We were tracking his cellphone with the tracking device so we knew kind of where the vehicle was going and it was out of the area,” Hardy said.

Hardy, who said officers were also tracking the vehicle, said the lockdown warning following the incident was precautionary until officers could verify Varsos had left the area.

“Metro units were in the area of his residence, which is where he drove to and pulled over just blocks from his house,” Hardy said.

There were reports about a possible suicide note Shaun Varsos wrote on his Facebook page that possibly detailed his reasoning for the shootings.

“It will be included in the investigation,” Hardy said. “I’m not sure how much bearing it will have though.”

Varsos does not have a criminal record in Wilson County, but was previously charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Davidson County.