There’s an addiction recovery program in Hartsville that has a direct connection to Wilson County. Known as Haven House Addiction Recovery, the residents that live there work in The Thrift Shop, located in the former Save-A-Lot building, located at 325 N. Cumberland St. in Lebanon.

“Like all communities across the country, Nashville and the surrounding areas has a growing substance abuse problem,” said Justin Williams with Haven Houses’ corporate offices. “Opioid addiction and heroin addiction are definitely on the incline.”

Haven House is a 12-month recovery program for men struggling with addiction and substance abuse.

The men who work at the store are not employees, Williams said.

“Our   Thrift   Shops   offer   work   therapy opportunities for our residents and are critical components to meeting the recovery program goals,” he noted. “Work therapy gives residents the opportunity to build relationships, learn new skills, work towards a common goal. (They also) practice discipline and structure.”

In addition to selling items including housewares, furniture, clothing and accessories, the residents also sell candles which they make, as well as granola. Those visiting The Thrift Store can get a sample of the granola flavors before purchasing, Williams said.

“Our residents make both the candles and granola,” Williams said. “The candles are hand-made, and each candle purchased supports a man in recovery.”

The items in the store have been donated to one of Haven House’s four thrift shop locations in the U.S. All donations are tax deductible, Williams added. Other locations are Santa Rose Beach, Fla., Panama City Beach, Fla. And Miramar Beach, Fla.

“We provide every kind of household items, including furniture, appliances, knick-knacks, dish sets, as well as clothing and accessories,” he said. “Our clothing is priced as low as 50 cents. We run special sales weekly.

In addition, the workers give away free hot dogs on Friday and Saturday because “we wanted to offer something to our community,” Williams said.

He added that the number of customers has increased since the store opened.

“Our Facebook presence helps,” he said. “It gives people a chance to follow the progress of our residents.  It also gives the community a chance to keeps up with exciting sales going on at the Thrift Shop.”

Haven House is a 501 c 3 non-profit and also operates a church for the residents.

“All proceeds from our Thrift Shop supports our residents that are in recovery,” Williams said.

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