Rezoning defeated - ONLINE ONLY

Townhomes proposed for Mt. Juliet took another hit when a land use amendment request to build Devonshire Townhomes near Willoughby Station failed at the June planning commission meeting.

Dozens of residents used the citizen comments time to voice concerns about the proposed development.

The proposal was submitted by the Enfield Group for property off of Devonshire Drive, north of Maricourt Street. It was targeted as a townhome development on 46.78 acres and would have had 97 units in 23 buildings. The majority of the site is hilly.

Dozens of residents from the nearby Willoughby Station and Hickory Hills subdivisions showed up. All objected to safety concerns directly related to increased traffic from the proposed townhomes, and a possible connector.

“This is like beating a dead horse,” resident Greg West said. “If this is going to be rezoned, please take into consideration for an access road for emergencies.”

Resident Trish Mundy said she felt compelled to go to homes to warn parents of their children’s safety on the roads in the area without sidewalks and the potential increased traffic.

“What is so frustrating is this plan has so many variables and we really don’t know what we are speaking for or against,” she said.

Resident Chris Bowls said he had two boys, 8 and 12.

“There are many kids in the area and the increase in traffic is very dangerous,” he said.

Already there are townhomes approved in the area, which would bring the total number of multi-family units near there to 331, resident Rebecca Walker said.

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