Traffic light

Traffic backup and delays at the intersection of South Greenhill and Lebanon roads occurs during peak travel times and dismissal from the nearby Green Hill High School. TDOT has studied the intersection and said a traffic light is warranted. The city of Mt. Juliet plans to have the light installed in the next two months. 

A traffic light is planned to be installed in the next two months at the intersection of Lebanon Road and South Greenhill Road where traffic issues have increased after the opening of Green Hill High School.

The installation of the traffic light was approved by city commissioners in the current budget via a budget amendment in January. This traffic light installation is currently estimated to cost $150,000.

“We have had a study completed that illustrates the signal there is warranted,” said Mt. Juliet Public Works Director Andrew Barlow. “Furthermore, vehicles on the side streets experience high levels of delay, especially in peak traffic times.”

Barlow said the city will utilize the poles and mast arms from the prior signal at North Greenhill Road as part of the project to save some costs.

“Because of the high school down the road, the city engineer thought there should be a red light at this intersection,” said Mt. Juliet Vice-Mayor Ray Justice, whose district includes the intersection. “It will help smooth the transition of traffic at Santa Fe Trail and South Greenhill Road. Somebody could easily get killed pulling out of South Greenhill Road.”

Someone erected a sign at the intersection that says, “Red Light Coming Soon. Thanks city of Mt. Juliet & Ray Justice.”

Barlow said the city does not have traffic studies related to the new high school due to COVID-19 altering what will be the future “normal” patterns.

The signal will be timed for peak traffic times. Barlow said Lebanon Road has about 25,000 vehicles per day in that area.

“Anytime a driver experiences long delays at an intersection there is a risk that they take chances,” said Barlow. “Since we do have high levels of delay at this intersection for the side street movements, this does increase the risk.”