A trial date has been set for a Nashville man accused of causing the death of a man with laced drugs as the state continues its push for harsher punishment for those involved in overdose deaths.

Antwan Whitehead, 29, is accused of murder in connection to the overdose death of a Wilson County minor last year.

Wilson County Criminal Court Judge Brody Kane is set to oversee the starting July 28.

Tennessee lawmakers passed legislation in 2018 that allows people to be charged with murder if they sell, deliver or administers drugs to someone who dies from using the drugs because they contain fentanyl or other lethal drugs.

The new law allows for anyone convicted of the drug charges to receive the death penalty or life imprisonment without parole.

Wilson County saw 28 total overdoses in the county in 2018 as the law was enacted, according to the Wilson County Sheriff’s Office, with 19 of those coming as a result of opioid overdose, and eight resulting from heroin overdose.

“We understand drug addiction is a problem, and victims have culpability in their actions, however, drug dealers need to be held responsible for putting these lethal substances into the community,” Lebanon Police Sgt. PJ Hardy said.

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