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The Wilson County Health Council is encouraging residents and students to be active by Walking Across Wilson County. 

“If you walk 30 minutes a day, six days a week for the month of February, that’s about 1.5 miles a day which is roughly enough to walk across the county,” said Ray Render, the deputy director for Rep. John Rose’s staff and a volunteer member of the WCHC, the group that started Walk Across Wilson four years ago.

“Each student that participates (at the finale) will get $5 for their school and a T-shirt. Parents can buy a shirt for $10 with $5 of that going back to the schools, so you can see this can be a great fundraiser,” Render said.

The fundraising component of WAW has been a boon to some local schools, especially Coles Ferry Elementary.

“We’ve raised between $2k-$3k over the last three years,” PE teacher and coach Jerett Cushing said. Cushing said the WAW money that his students have earned goes towards items and programs that would not normally be in his budget. 

“We put up two outdoor basketball goals on the playground,” he said. “The money didn’t cover all of the cost, but it made it possible. And that’s added another option for my kids to be active.” 

Traci Pope is the community relations director for Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital and serves on the WCHC. She said any group — churches, civic organizations, businesses — can be involved but mentions Cushing and Coles Ferry Elementary as an example of great fundraising.

“We really would love to get more schools involved,” she said. 

The Walk Across Wilson on program will kick off Feb. 1 with a sheriff-escorted walk by local dignitaries beginning on both the eastern and western borders of the county and meeting in the middle at courthouse in Lebanon.

The program will continue with participants walking on their own until the finale on March 21 at the Wilson County Schools Central Office at 415 Harding Dr. 

For information see the event’s Facebook page or call Morgan Ziacita  at (615) 444-5325.

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