Watertown Mayor Mike Jennings said in a Facebook post that city hall would be closed starting Monday, March 23 because of concerns over coronavirus spread.

He said residents may pay bills by leaving them in the drop box at the front door. Bills may also be paid online. City employees will continue to work normal business hours and can be reached at (615) 237-3326. 

Jennings reminded residents that their water bills are still due to be paid on time.

“None of us can live without water,” he said. “All of us pay for things we can live without. I would encourage you to prioritize appropriately. Some of you may not know this, but our water and sewer fund is what is called an enterprise fund. We are mandated by the state to finish in the black on June 30 of each year. Property and sales taxes cannot be used in this fund. User fees pay the bills. And our bills will go on. The cost of pumping the water, treating the water, the employees who make sure the water gets to you and those who make sure the dirty water leaves you all have to stay on the job.

He said the contract for anyone who rented the Watertown Community Center in the next 30 days would be honored, but it would be up to the renter regarding use. Refunds would be given to anyone who wants them. The city would not schedule anything new within the next 30 days.

Jennings said the city’s baseball and softball seasons are still scheduled. He said city officials would watch conditions for the next two weeks and reassess. No drafts or organized practices will take place.

“We very much hope to save our season, at least a part of it,” Jennings said. “It is so important to our children, parents, grandparents, etc. And, by the time it is safe to do so, we are all going to need an outlet to keep from going stir crazy.”

Jennings said public events and gatherings at Three Forks Municipal Park are discouraged, but the city would not stop them. He said the park would remain open for people to walk and exercise.


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