Mayor AC Wharton


Former Memphis Mayor AC Wharton will be the keynote speaker at the Second Annual Juneteenth Celebration hosted by the Wilson County Black History Committee to support the historic Pickett Chapel ongoing restoration project.

The $25 per plate dinner event is scheduled to be held in Cumberland University's Baird Chapel on Friday, June 19 at 6 p.m.

Because of restrictions imposed as a result of COVID-19, seating capacity is limited to fewer than 100 persons. Call Mary Harris at (615) 444-9487 for reservations or acquire tickets from members of the Black History Committee.

Wharton, who was born in Lebanon, has had a distinguished career in the legal profession serving as an educator and public servant. He earned an undergraduate degree from Tennessee State University in 1966 and a law degree from the University of Mississippi in 1971, and was a member of the law school's faculty for 25 years.

Wharton, who serves on the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, was recently elected Trustee Emeritus at Cumberland University.

After more than a decade of progress on the restoration, the nearly 200-year-old Pickett Chapel is now structurally sound with a new roof, restored cornice, cupola and belfry, drainage and entrance way.

Through public and private donations and other support, the Wilson County Black History Committee has raised and invested approximately $200,000 for the restoration.

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