WOW-Sarah Evans

Sarah Evans of Watertown is a junior at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. She is double majoring in agricultural leadership and animal science, with a minor in leadership studies.

Evans is a member of the Collegiate 4H, FFA, and the Honors Leadership Program, where she serves as the Cohort 2 representative. Her plans for after graduation include working with the State Department of Agriculture maintaining policies for corporations and farms.

Evans is a graduate of Watertown High School. At WHS she was involved in Student Council, FFA, BETA Club, and was the boys basketball manager for four years.

Evans enjoys basketball and football. She also loves spending time with animals and being outdoors on her family’s farm.

Evans is the daughter of Mindy Evans, a speech language pathologist at Carroll Oakland School, and the granddaughter of George and Trudy Evans, a farmer and retired teacher, respectively.

She named her grandmother as the woman she admires most.

“When I was four, we would ‘play’ school every day, where she taught me how to read and count. She is the person who helped me understand the Lord and how to live by His words,” Evans explained. “Every time I leave her house, she tells me to make sure I say my prayers. She is the most caring and giving person I know. She never fails to help those who truly need it, which is how I want to be. I try to be as good of a woman as she is, but I do not think I’ll ever be as great of a woman as her.”