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Have you witnessed a miracle lately? Have you performed a miracle? In the pages of the New Testament, we read of Jesus raising the dead, casting out spirits, healing the sick, and feeding thousands with what he finds in some kid’s lunch box. Even the disciples performed miracles.

One of my favorite places to be is a beach. Just about any beach. I love the breeze, the sound of the breaking waves, the warmth of the sun on my skin and the music of others’ laughter as they find joy in that place, too. And one of my favorite things to do in this favorite place is to look …

As a Southerner through and through, let me tell you about my grandmother, affectionately known as “Gran.” She was born, raised, and lived her whole life in Cheatham County, Tennessee; she was a Southern woman who loved her family so very much and I was blessed to be her granddaughter.

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Inside the Oval Office, Joe Biden is convinced that “our economy has gone from being on the mend to being on the move.” What he doesn’t see from his view at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is that our economy is moving in the wrong direction.

Did you ever receive a gift you didn’t want, and yet it turned out to be a favorite treasure? Often, that’s the way it is with Jesus. Sometimes He gives gifts we don’t want or think we need, but our God is a good Father who gives good gifts to those who ask Him (Matt. 7:11).

We all know the saying, “Time heals all wounds.” It is a comforting but misleading sentiment because some wounds will in fact kill us. In addition, there are wounds we don’t want to heal and so we pick at them obsessively and wallow in our pain.

New sign at Don Fox Park Lebanon Mayor Rick Bell and city councilman Joey Carmack stand in front of the updated sign at the entrance to Don Fox Park. The previous sign was the original one from when the park opened about 25 years ago on West Baddour Parkway. The city council approved $15,000…

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Tennessee families are worried. Heightened crime rates have gone from an anomaly in liberal cities to a fixture in nearly every town in America. Last week, I spoke with Tennessee Sheriffs' Association members who shared that as crime rates rise so do concerns for safety.

As a former Sumner County Assistant District Attorney, I prosecuted more cases than I care to count in which victims suffered heartbreaking anguish after finding out Tennessee’s justice system is not what they thought it was.

Unless there is an unforeseen called special session, the Tennessee General Assembly will formally reconvene at noon Tuesday, Jan. 11. There will be a special focus on drawing electoral district boundaries by the statehouse. This is called redistricting. Redistricting is the way they change the districts that determine who represents us. Therefore, it is of significant importance to every resident in Tennessee.

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Lantern Lane Farm, founded in 2004 by Ralph and Joni Cook as a small counseling center, has become a place of healing for thousands through both traditional and equine assisted therapy models.

During the pandemic, the Small Business Administration received widespread media attention for its COVID-19 relief programs, such as the Paycheck Protection Program, which provided loans to more than 5.2 million American businesses in 2020.