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The first purple candle on the wreath was lit and the walls were richly decorated with fresh evergreens. Anticipation of the coming Christmas season stirred within us. It was almost here but not yet. I was a young teen mildly frustrated about having to wait through four weeks of Advent.

In the Bible, there is a sobering story of a woman who obtains healing from Jesus without him even knowing it. For 12 years, this woman had suffered from a hemorrhage. She sought out every doctor and healer she could find but none could help her. She spent all her money in search of a cure f…

On Sept. 26 — just a month ago — NASA did something extraordinary. It intentionally crashed a spacecraft into an asteroid. It didn’t do this to be wasteful. It was an experiment to see if it was possible to shift an asteroid out of its orbit.

It feels like we’ve jumped out of the COVID frying pan and into the fires of a recession. In these uncertain days, the question isn’t whether we’ll get anxious; it’s what we will do with the anxiety we already have.

A world without sin would be so wonderful! We could all just live the blissful life that God intended, with smiles on our faces, and love in our hearts towards everyone we meet. Oh, it would be so heavenly!

A new school year has begun, and it is filled with all kinds of new discoveries. Who is my child’s teacher? What time does the bus pick them up? What supplies do we need?