Long Hunter State Park, located on Percy Priest Lake, provides 32 miles of scenic hiking. Nature is the biggest asset of the park so when Girl Scout Troop 107 of Nashville noticed that social trails were forming and wild animals were being fed by hand at Long Hunter, it sprang into action. 

We are experiencing a prolonged period of no rain and very dry conditions have begun to develop. This may be good for hay harvest and row crop harvest but not good for pastures. 

Middle Tennessee looks to be on the way to one of the driest September's on record. Through the 20th, many areas have had no rain for the month and it is rare to find anyone reporting over a quarter of an inch for September.

Folks in Middle Tennessee have endured highs in the 90s and the heat index over 100 for so many days recently that I would imagine you are ready for a pattern change and that is exactly the news I bring.

As suicide and attempted suicide continue to dominate discussions and topics related to the health care of young people, this demographic’s reliance and use of social media gets much of the blame.

It looks like we are going to have a hot week in Middle Tennessee with high temperatures in the 90s and the nights in the low 70s.

After the lovely Labor Day weekend, there will be a slight chance of an afternoon thundershower by the middle of the week because of the heat and increasing humidity.  

It’s been nearly 100 years since women in the U.S. first gained the right to vote — a milestone commemorated each year with Women’s Equality Day on Aug. 26.

We are into a period of unsettled weather in Middle Tennessee. Showers and thunderstorms are quite likely through Tuesday. Many of these will produce heavy downpours and cloud-to-ground lightning.

High school sports is the pinnacle of life for a lot of people — not necessarily the best time of their lives, but the time when all the stress of the world are mostly absent or have yet to fully show themselves.

The week ahead is going to bring an increase in the showers and thunderstorms to Middle Tennessee. Probabilities increase to 50 percent Wednesday and 70 percent Thursday and Friday and I would expect some of those to be storms with heavy downpours.  

Have you ever noticed that we all seem to be more giving and kinder when we’re in a good or great mood?  It’s just human nature to do more good deeds and be nicer when we’re happier.